All or Nothing build partnerships and collaborations with organisations abroad and across the world.


All or Nothing collaborated with Company MARO (Korean Performing Arts Development) a traditional music and dance company based in Jeju Island in South Korea, on ‘Circle’ between 2019–2022.

Through in person performances in Edinburgh and Jeju Island in South Korea in 2019, as well as online collaboration in 2022 we combined Korean and Scottish Traditional Music with Korean dance and Scottish Aerial Dance. Exploring how we can connect together, across the sea and through nature.


Gaelic singer: Evie Waddell

Aerial dance artists: Beverley Grant, Chrissie Ardill and Saya Yamaguchi

Filmed by: Neon 8 films. Footage edited in South Korea.

Four Nations

Artistic Director Jennifer Paterson is currently working with Chantal McCormick of Fidget Feet (Ireland) and Lindsey Butcher of Gravity & Levity (England) on a project funded by the Four Nations International Fund, (an initiative set up by Creative Scotland, Arts Council England, Arts Council of Wales and Arts Council of Northern Ireland). They are piloting a peer to peer support network for female Aerial Dance Artistic Directors.