Like Flying

Image of two young people performing on a single hoop wearing white shirts and grey trousers with a mirrored circle on their back

Moving through the familiar ground of the Scottish school from the assembly hall to the playground, the classrooms to the gym, Like Flying is a performance project initiated and produced by National Theatre Scotland.

Created in response to the growing levels of anxiety found in teenagers across Scotland, a cast of 12-14 year olds are invited to, through aerial performance methods, learn to fly.

Led by Nic Green, with movement direction and aerial choreography from All or Nothing, Like Flying takes the form of a promenade performance through the school corridors and multiple spaces both indoors and out.

Like Flying is part of National Theatre Scotland’s current performance programme. Find out more about Like Flying on the NTS website

Directed by Nic Green. Photographer – Tim Morozzo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Like Flying is a stunning and immersive production which highlights the importance of arts for young people’s mental health… The fundamental message is not to focus on who or what drags you down, but instead on what makes you fly.”

The Skinny, Dominic Corr