Harness Workshop with Marie Williamson.

Harness Dance or Vertical Dance is a great way to explore aerial both on the ‘ground’ and in the air. Using rock climbing equipment & harnesses you will learn techniques to fly, whilst creating movements that are both technical and fun. During these workshops we will be using a pulley system that will involve both yourself and a partner moving at either end of the same rope. We will be focusing on understanding the techniques involved to move confidently through the space and moving in various ways of flight.

No aerial experience is necessary, just a willingness to take part and have fun. These harness workshops are a great introduction into creating shapes and getting into the air without having to rely on limb strength. Vertical Dance is also a great form of core exercise.

Harness work can be quite sore on the waist and hips, so we recommend you wear a couple of padded layers i.e leggings, joggers, neoprene shorts, extra socks to use as padding. The comfier you are the more you will get from the class.

What we need from you before the workshop is:

  • Your approximate weight. It will used for pairing people in confidentiality, and if you have any concerns about this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • If you have any pre existing medical conditions or disabilities, please inform us of these. This is an inclusive class but it is appreciated if you can let us know of this information before the workshop so we can adjust accordingly.

Held at Out of the Blue

10:30am – 12:30pm, 27th October 2019

Cost: £20 each

Age 16yrs+

Book your place

Please leave a name and contact phone number for an emergency contact, in the unlikely event we need to contact someone on your behalf.

Please list the ages of anyone in your party under the age of 18

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Harness 27th October £20.00 Sold out