At All or Nothing, we love a brief and in our commissioned work we always seek to craft the best possible performance, responding to your specific theme, place, event or festival. Since All or Nothing started, we have worked with a range of partners, collaborators and clients on commissioned work across artistic work, outdoor festivals, one-off events and theatrical productions.

For Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry we flew through light and sound, between trees and over lochs, performing to over 60k people and being voted Audience Favourite

For SO Festival in Skegness we celebrated the heyday of British beach holidays with six performers dancing on the roof of the Embassy Theatre, featuring music, deck chairs, abseiling and swinging from a crane

For Sound to Sea with Cryptic for Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games Festival we danced and abseiled along the roof of Glasgow’s iconic Science Centre as part of a night-time nautical extravaganza

For National Theatre of Scotland‘s The Tin Forest we brought an other-worldly quality to an immersive performance event with our spectacular silks performance

For Music Scotland International, our drunken sailor attempted to walk between the masts of the historical Tall Ship in Glasgow as mermaids lured him into the depths below