Come and enter our world and playground of The Swings.  We love being on a swing and we know you do too!

A giant swing set, 5 m high and 2 swings.  2 aerial artists use the Swings as their aerial apparatus to fly high and appear throughout the day.  They appear and disappear opening the Swings up for anyone to come and join in, to sit and swing.

A Sound Installation activitated by your swinging and full of memories of being on a Swing.  Feel the rush of air past your face, the rise and fall and the joy of swinging that we love too.

Play, watch and listen.  An interactive event for all the family.

The Swings is our new work for outdoors in 2021.  Co-directed by Jennifer Paterson and Nic Green, sound by Yas Clarke and design by Becky Minto.

We’ll be out and about with it throughout 2021.  We are also working with members of our local community to gather memories of swinging – Meet Me at The Swings – see below for more information!